Breed Standard


CKC Description


  • Males measure from 22 to 24 inches (55 to 61 cm) at the withers.
  • Females measure from 21 to 23 inches (54 to 59 cm) at the withers.

LENGTH:  From 1 to 1 1/2 inches (2 to 3 cm) more than the height at the withers.


  • Held proudly, well sculptured, unburdened, without excessive sparseness, but presenting the characteristics of the breed
  • Head is of average length and size. The skull has a length of 1 1/2 to 2 inches more than the forehead.
  • The lateral faces of the skull appear almost parallel.
  • Head is fairly broad, with a pronounced stop, divided by a futing between the eyes. The nose is wide with good nostrils, Bite is either level as scissors. Upper lips must not cover the lower lips.
  • Eyes are dark amber with an intelligent and gentle expression. Some what
    almond shaped, full with the haws not visible
  • Ears are set well back and in line with the yes. Long and feathering at the top.

NECK:  Muscular, signally arched, oval shaped of medium length.


  • Withers are pronounced and large.
  • Back slightly sloping. Sustained and hard in action.
  • Loins are large, of medium length, and well muscled.
  • Thighs (croup) are large and muscular, well Rounded, without apparent bone structure.
  • Chest is bursting with large capacity, high, good depth.

TAIL:  Full length, set low, tapering, held slantwise curves.

SKIN:  Flexible and close to the body.


  • Dense, close, and water resistant.
  • Feathering along the back of the legs, belly, tail, and ears.
  • Flat and short on the head.


  • Coat is white with liver markings. Markings are irregular and can be small or dominating.
  • Speckling is acceptable.


  • Head too short or wide, clear eyes, tail off center.
  • Other colors except white and liver. Solid liver colored or solid white body.
    Solid white Head.
  • Little or no feathering.
  • Ears too small or set to high.